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Scammers Are Targeting Global Events Including RSA 2018

To say hackers are becoming confident is an understatement. Recently SlashNext’s Threat Intelligence Lab uncovered a series of Phishing web sites that were set up to promote a variety of Global Events and luring victims to these web sites in that process. Some of notable events currently being targeted by these scammers are as follows: …

February 20th 2018

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SlashNext Labs SlashNext Labs

Technical Support Scam Making Auto Calls

Technical support scams use scare tactics to trick gullible victims into believing that their computer has either crashed or that a virus has been detected on their computer. These scams try to lure victims into calling a fake technical support hotline which, if successful, can lead to telephone fraud. The goal is usually gaining remote access …

February 12th 2018

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SlashNext Labs SlashNext Labs

­Kovter – Stealthy Zero-Day Variant

Kovter is seven years old trojan horse that started as ransomware tool, and then evolved into a full-fledged click fraud Trojan. During this evolution Kovter has changed its attack techniques, but its payload delivery methodology remained unchanged. Initially it was spread as ransomware via exploit kits to hide its activities. In 2014 Kovter became very …

February 7th 2018

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Jack Miller Jack Miller

What is in the toolbox?

In my previous blog post, I told you a little bit about my perspective on the current state of IT security based on almost 20 years’ experience as a CISO. Now, let’s look at the most frequently recommended approaches to addressing ongoing problems. For many years, security vendors have told us that there are two …

February 6th 2018

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SlashNext Labs SlashNext Labs

GandCrab – The First Ransomware that Accepts only DashCoin

A new ransomware attack called “GandCrab” emerged last week, which has surprisingly distinct features such as only accepting ransom payment from the anonymous crypto currency ‘DASH’ and employing a “dot bit” (.bit) top level domain served by Namecoin’s distributed blockchain-based DNS infrastructure. Like other ransomwares we have observed, the GandCrab’s campaign is leveraging the Seamless …

February 2nd 2018

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