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Evolution of Scareware Scams

**YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED** Error # 3658eebc53c4218 Please call us immediately at: (8**) 77**-528* Have you ever seen pop-ups on your browser window showing these type of scary warnings? If yes, you are not alone. These pop-ups vary in terms of messaging. Some of them literally scream (using text to speech) that your computer is infected …

Zero-Hour Multi Brand Phish

Popular global brands like Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft, and DropBox are commonly used for Credential Phishing attacks. Typically the attacker creates a replica of the brand’s Sign-in or Password recovery page and attempts to lure victims into entering their confidential information into the fake page. Today, at a large customer site, we witnessed a new twist to this …

Yahoo Email Phishing through Data URI

Hackers have come up with new and innovative way to perform credential phishing attacks. Typical credential phishing is done by creating look-a-like web pages hosted on compromised web servers or servers owned by the attacker himself. The problem for an attacker is that eventually signature based technologies catch up and black list these pages. Attackers have found …

Inside a Phishing Network

Credential Phishing is an effective way to snatch someone’s confidential information.  Hacker’s create a look-a-like login page matching a global brand’s login (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) and send a phishing email containing a link to the fake page. When a victim clicks on the phishing link, the fake page (which exactly resembles the brand’s login page) is …