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Opening the door to
the Future of
Network Security



A team of malware researchers and scientists assembled from some of the world’s leading cyber security companies.

When breaches occurred, we were often called upon to reconstruct each threat and use our
deep knowledge of malware, exploits, internet protocols, hacker behavior, and human
vulnerabilities to understand how the incident occurred.

The nature of our work required
us to understand exactly WHY

By early 2014 both signature and sandbox technologies consistently failed to detect polymorphic malware and exploits. More importantly, because these technologies were not designed to detect post infection Data Exfiltration and Socially Engineered Attacks (SEAs), companies were completely defenseless against this entire class of threat.

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In examining breach after breach,

we realized that as humans, the techniques we used to discover and understand attacks were
very different from the rules coded into cyber security products.

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As humans we were able to

Think, Learn and Adapt

This was the key. Because hackers evolve
their techniques, products that were designed around a set of static rules
quickly became obsolete. We knew that the future of cyber security
had to adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape and that future systems needed to protect
against all Internet based threats, not just malware and exploits.


We set out to solve these problems. The result is the


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Starting with a clean sheet of paper we have taken a completely new approach to
threat protection and wrapping some very complex technology in an elegant
user interface that is simple but provides exactly what incident response teams need to
maximize their effectiveness without making them chase false positives.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Together we can make a difference.




Before founding SlashNext, Atif spent nine years at FireEye as a senior scientist, where he was one of the main architects of FireEye’s core malware detection technology. He has spent most of his career on the front lines of the war against cybercrime.

He has worked with law enforcement and other global organizations to take down some of the world’s biggest malware networks including Rustock, Srizbi, Pushdo and Grum botnets. Atif’s natural product sense has contributed greatly to SlashNext’s flagship Active Cyber Defense System. He has driven the creation of an extremely powerful tool that is at once elegant, functional and simple to use.



Seamus Meagher is a technology sales veteran whose experience spans leadership roles at industry defining software and hardware companies such as Silicon Image, Transmeta, Red Hat, and VocalTec Communications. Prior to becoming VP of Worldwide Sales at SlashNext he was the VP of Worldwide Sales and an Executive Officer at Silicon Image (SIMG). Prior to joining Silicon Image, Seamus was Director of North America Sales at Transmeta Corporation (TMTA), a developer of innovative software based CPUs.

Before Transmeta Seamus was one of first sales people at Red Hat where he held the position of Director of Sales and was personally responsible for selling the industry's first Enterprise Linux support contracts. He also helped establish Red Hat’s subscription service product offering which then led to one of the biggest IPOs in history (RHAT). Seamus started his career in technology sales at VocalTec Communications, the company who invented and patented the first Voice over IP software.



Jack Miller is a well know security veteran and visionary with over 16 years of CISO experience at 4 multi-billion dollar organizations. As SlashNext’s CISO, Mr. Miller leverages his extensive CISO experience and perspectives to ensure our company’s strategy, product roadmap and market positioning are properly aligned with the needs of today’s CISOs.  He is also responsible for the security of SlashNext’s information, systems, infrastructure, products and services. 

Before joining SlashNext, Mr. Miller was the CISO of Auto Club Enterprises, a national insurance and consumer services company in 22 states with over 15,000 employees.  Prior to that he served as CISO for the 5th and 11th largest county governments in the country as well as worked as a security executive at Pacific Life Insurance Company.  Mr. Miller graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY with degrees in Marine Engineering and Transportation Logistics, advises multiple security companies, has authored several security publications, a cybersecurity patent, testified as an expert witness, been interviewed by cable, Internet and print news organizations and regularly speaks at industry conferences and events. 


Norwest Venture Partners is a global venture capital and growth equity investment firm that manages more than $6 billion in capital. The firm targets early to late stage venture and growth equity investments across a wide range of sectors including: technology, information services, business services, financial services, consumer products/services and healthcare. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., Norwest has offices in San Francisco and New York, and subsidiaries in Mumbai and Bengaluru, India and Herzelia, Israel. The firm has funded more than 600 companies since inception.

Founded in 2013, Wing Venture Capital is the best-of-breed venture capital firm devoted to early-stage, long-term company building in business technology. Wing emphasizes craftsmanship over volume, and engages deeply with founders to help them create companies that matter. The body of work of Wing’s award-winning team spans more than two decades and dozens of successful early-stage companies, 16 of which went on to achieve billion-dollar-plus outcomes following IPOs or acquisitions.



Promod has 25 years of experience in the venture capital industry and currently serves as senior managing partner at Norwest Venture Partners. Promod joined Norwest in 1990, and has invested in more than 70 companies since he began his venture career. His investments have been worth more than $40B in aggregate exit value to date, as 25 of his portfolio companies have gone public and 37 have been acquired (or have gone public and been acquired).

In 2014 and 2016, Forbes recognized Promod as a “Hall of Fame” investor. 2016 marked Promod’s twelfth appearance on the annual Forbes Midas List, including 2004, when he was ranked the #1 venture capitalist based on performance over the previous decade. In 2006, Promod was presented with a Global Leadership award from NASSCOM, and he was honored with the 2011 SV Forum Visionary Award based on his outstanding achievements and contributions to the technology industry.



Gaurav Garg is a Founding Partner of Wing. Gaurav is a board member at several private technology companies, including Cohesity, Shape Security, and Instart Logic. He incubated and helped build FireEye (IPO 2013), Ruckus Wireless (IPO 2012), and Jasper (Acquired 2016) into significant businesses, serving as a board member at each for more than ten years.

Gaurav has served on the boards of several other companies, including some that staged successful exits via IPOs or acquisitions such as NetScaler (Acquired 2005) and MobileIron (IPO 2014). He also worked extensively with, and co-sponsored investments in, Aruba (IPO 2007) and RingCentral (IPO 2013).