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Protect Your Employees From Phishing

SlashNext protects your employees from the growing number of phishing threats outside of email. These socially engineered attacks evade existing defenses and lure users with increasingly sophisticated phishing bait delivered via the Web, ads, pop-ups, browser extensions, social media, chat, and malicious “free” apps.

Close The Phishing Gap

SlashNext is the industry’s first purpose-built solution for real-time phishing protection beyond email. With SlashNext, phishing attacks originating from the Web are detected as they occur, enabling blocking at the start of the kill chain—before they can inflict significant damage.

More Powerful Phishing Protection

Anti-phishing solutions are only as good as their detection technology and timeliness. With most phishing pages active for just hours, URL inspection and threat feed offerings cannot keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving, short-lived phishing threats.

That’s why SlashNext pioneered an entirely new, adaptive, cloud-powered approach for phishing detection. Instead of relying on outdated methods like domain reputation and URL analysis–which hackers can easily evade—SlashNext uses live Session Emulation and patent-pending SEER™ detection technology to dynamically inspect browsing contents and server behavior. This enables SlashNext to stop zero-hour threats in real-time with the speed, power, and scale of the cloud. With SlashNext, you get protection from today's--and tomorrow's--most advanced phishing threats hidden within HTML.

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Security Without Disruption

SlashNext phishing protection is cloud-powered and out-of-band, so it does not introduce any network latency. And with near zero false positives, it makes automated blocking feasible. Together with a simple 20-minute install and no tuning requirements, SlashNext phishing protection is immediate, non-disruptive, and effective.

Strengthen Existing Defenses

With SlashNext detecting previously unknown and unblocked phishing threats, you can strengthen existing network security defenses. SlashNext integrates seamlessly with firewalls and DNS servers for rapid and automated blocking of malicious sites.

Faster Incident Response

While threat feeds and alerts help with security, they aren’t sufficient to understand what happened and what needs to be done about it. SlashNext complements its superior phishing protection with a complete management console. The SlashNext console provides detailed forensics, remediation steps, reporting, and incident response flows. This not only speeds incident response, it makes SlashNext suitable for larger firms as well as those that don’t yet have advanced SIEM or threat feed management infrastructure.