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Superior Phishing

SlashNext SEER™ Technology Leverages
Session Emulation to Catch Phish that Others Miss.

As phishing threats explode beyond email and all over the Web, SlashNext pioneered a smarter, adaptive, cloud-powered approach for more effective, real-time detection of Web-based phishing threats.

Real-Time Inspection

Anti-phishing solutions are only as good as their detection technology and timeliness. With most phishing pages active for just hours, URL inspection and threat feed offerings can’t keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving and short-lived phishing threats.

Live Analysis Via Session Emulation

With Session Emulation, SlashNext renders suspicious web pages in an out-of-band cloud environment. SlashNext SEER technology analyzes web page content (text, HTML, images) while simultaneously engaging the suspicious server for detailed behavioral information. SlashNext detects phishing threats with machine learning algorithms fed by natural language processing, visual clues, and hacker behavior analysis—regardless of the domain and server hosting the page.

Real-Time Blocking

SlashNext phishing detection happens in seconds. Confirmed phishing URLs are instantly available for blocking by firewalls or
DNS servers across our entire customer base. No need to wait for slow-moving threat feeds or signature downloads. And with
near-zero false positives, automated blocking becomes feasible.

Detailed Forensic Data

SlashNext provides detailed forensics to help you understand phishing threats. The SlashNext console provides detailed forensic data, remediation steps, and incident response flows. With SlashNext, you not only get superior phishing protection, you get the information you need to understand what happened and what needs to be done about it.