Stop Human Hacking Across All Digital Channels

Stop phishing, social engineering, account takeover, BEC, ransomware, SMishing, supply chain attacks, and data exfiltration across all communication channels, including: email, SMS, web, social, gaming, collaboration apps, and search.

Latest Human Hacking Threats in the News

News, insights, and trends on human hacking threats  from our Threat Labs and in the wild.

The State of Phishing 2021 Report

With millions of dollars at stake, bolstering phishing protection is an imperative for all businesses in 2021.

Live Webinar: Phish Stories Five

Security and Privacy in a BYOD World – Finding the right balance between security and privacy to keep your BYOD workforce secure.

360° Human Hacking Defense in Action

Attacks require human interaction to succeed, if you stop these attacks you stop 95% of breaches. Without compromising user privacy or performance, SlashNext offers the industry’s fastest and most accurate human hacking defense to protect users from phishing, spear-phishing, BEC  and SMishing across all communication channels, including: SMS, email, web, social networking, gaming, collaboration and search.

Available on the Azure Marketplace and AppSource

360° Human Hacking Defense Service

SlashNext Secure Risk Assessment

Self-Serve experience to see what your current solution is missing.

SlashNext Trainer

Real-time reinforced training at time of click.

SlashNext Mobile

Protect iOS and Android users from mobile-centric threats with a lightweight, cloud-powered agent.

SlashNext Browser

Shield employees from zero-hour threats with cloud-powered browser extensions for all major desktop browsers.

SlashNext Network

Use live threat intelligence to turn existing network security controls into a real-time, multi-vector threat defense.

SlashNext Incident Response

Automate phishing incident response and threat hunting with accurate, run-time analysis of suspicious URLs on-demand.

Top 25 Cybersecurity company

TSR Report

SlashNext named one of the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies in 2020

Tech Trailblazer Mobile

Mobile Trailblazer

Tech Trailblazer names SlashNext among Mobile Trailblazers in 2020

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30% of Your Employees Clicked on a Phishing Attack This Month

FACT: 30% of phishing is still getting through current defenses. How is your organization doing?