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A Swarm of Ransomware Attacks Highlights the Need for High-Quality Threat Detection at the Start of the Attack Chain

Ransomware is insidious. It’s a treacherous and crafty way to terrorize individuals, communities, and businesses. It’s also an industry with multiple players, each playing a part in a chain that results in a big payday. Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) groups like DarkSide, REvil, and others use automation, personal information, and the low cost of computing to gather […]

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10 Ways URL Analysis & Enrichment Can Help Ease Your SOC’s Challenges in 2020

On-demand phishing URL analysis solutions can help ease your SOC teams’ pain and challenges.

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30% of Your Employees Clicked on a Phishing Attack This Month

FACT: 30% of phishing is still getting through current defenses. How is your organization doing?