Cloud Manager

Elegant CMS for full visibility, administration and reporting to see the high-risk users, timelines and forensics.

Boost Your Visibility and Controls

Advanced Reporting Features

Full view of the types of recent threats and timeline and identify highest risk users in the organization including types of threats.


Available as CMS Web Portal or can be ingested through CMS SIEM Apps and QRadar.

Visualize Threats in the Organization

Visualize threats in your organization by endpoint

Detailed Forensics

View detailed forensics for each phishing threat.

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Mobile Phishing Protection

Protect iOS and Android users from mobile-centric phishing threats with a lightweight, cloud-powered agent.

Browser Phishing Protection

Shield employees from live phishing sites with cloud-powered browser extensions for all major desktop browsers.

Key SlashNext Advantages

Broad Threat Coverage

SlashNext SEER cloud discovers thousands of new phishing threats every day across all six major phishing categories.

Multi-Vector Threat Sourcing

Unlike other phishing threat feeds which are sourced from suspicious email only, SlashNext gathers its intelligence in real-time from a variety of infection vectors including email, ads, mobile, and social media.

Higher Accuracy

Near-zero false positives (>99.95% precision) yields high-fidelity blocklist of live phishing domains and phishing C2s.

Live Threats Focus

Automated URL rechecking and retirement yields a continuously updated list of live, not inactive, phishing threats.

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Real-Time Detection & Access

Real-Time – Preemptive, automated threat detection with API access enables real-time protection.

SEER™ Technology

Uses virtual browsers in a purpose-built cloud to accurately detect phishing sites, even those hosted on compromised websites and legitimate hosting infrastructure.

Rapid Deployment

Pre-built integrations with leading TIP, DNS, and NextGen Firewall vendors provide rapid, automated deployment.

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