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See who is targeting your organization and what threats might be missed by your current email security to improve your email security readiness. Plug into SlashNext Integrated Cloud Email Security in observability mode for 30 days to see how many linked-based attacks, natural language-based, malicious attachments and exploits are missed by your current email security services, and users that accessed them.


Deploy in minutes for full visibility and get personalized insights into how we do it.


How it works:

  • Set-up is easy. Install in minutes with one-click integration and will not require valuable security team time.

  • Implement the read-only solution with no impact to your existing email infrastructure or mail flow.

  • Will not take any action on the emails it finds to be malicious, but will alert you of the findings through a management console

  • Receive a customized report, showing the attacks that being missed by your current email security

Google Workspace Alerts Phishing Protection

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Attacks require human interaction to succeed, and if you stop these attacks, you stop 95% of breaches. SlashNext 360° Complete™ delivers continuous, zero-hour spear-phishing and human hacking defense against targeted user attacks across digital communication channels.

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