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Gap Analysis Report

Phishing attacks evade multi-layered defenses, including “cyber aware” employees, by design. And since most phishing sites are not yet known (and therefore not yet blocked), your employees are exposed to a growing number of fast-moving, web-based threats.

Test the gaps in your current defenses with a free gap analysis. We will provide you with a list of links to sites freshly caught by our platform. You simply need to click on the links to test how many make it through your existing defenses. In most cases, 40%-100% of the sites make it right on through.

Close the Phishing Gap

With SlashNext, you get definitive real-time phishing site detection, so you can close the gap in your current defenses against today’s zero-hour phishing threats. And with fast, accurate, binary verdicts, you can automate blocking with your existing URL filtration / blocking defenses.

Request your free gap analysis today, or better yet, request a free 30 day trial to try SlashNext in your own environment.

Test Your Phishing Exposure with a Free Gap Analysis

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