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Legacy Email Security Fails to Stop Sophisticated Threats


of phishing leads to breaches with email a target of choice
Due to automation and AI technology, zero-hour spear phishing attacks can easily adapt until successful.


of all attacks start with spear phishing email attacks
Targeted credential theft is the critical first step in the attack kill chain. If that’s successful, a breach is the likely next step.


of sophisticated threats are missed by legacy email security
Reputation-based detection, URL rewriting and trust graphs technology fail to detect sophisticated evasion techniques.


  • Spoofed Emails
  • BEC Attacks
  • Malicious Attachments
  • Spam and Graymail


  • Targeted Zero-hour Phishing/Human Threat Protection
  • Credential Theft
  • ATO/BEC/Supply Chain
  • Link and Attachment Threats
  • Rogue Software
  • Social Engineering Scams
  • Trusted Service Compromise
  • MSOAR/Automated Abuse Inbox

Legacy Approach to Preventing Attacks

  • Manual threat remediation
  • Complex rules and policies
  • Legacy journaling
  • No vendor or supply chain intelligence
  • Time-consuming search and respond functionality
  • Limited ability to profile user behavior
  • Dozens of dashboards and products
  • Manual upgrades

SlashNext Inbound Email Security

  • AI-based detection
  • No rules or policies
  • Easy API integration
  • Federated supply chain database
  • Search and respond in seconds
  • Profiles known behavior across employees, vendors, and organizations
  • One streamlined SaaS solution
  • Automatic enhancements

The Abnormal Approach to Business Email Compromise


Baselines employee email activity and maps relationships with partners to understand an email’s content and context.


Activities and requests that differ from these norms can signify a BEC attempt.


Understands internal employee-to-employee and external vendor-to-employee communication and patterns.

This gives insight into expected invoice cadence, bank account information, and communication frequency to detect when something may have changed.


Analyzes every email to understand content, tone, and context.

Urgent requests, suspicious financial invoices, changes in formality, and unusual relationship patterns are hallmarks of BEC attacks.

SlashNext Delivers Best in Class Results on Day One


To set-up and configure service using the Microsoft Graph API


Detection rate with 1 in 1 million false positives


Blocks two times more than competing supplemental solutions


Incident caught within 1 hr. for incredibly quick time to value

Zero-hour email attacks detected by Live Scan™ 


Detection advantage vs other threat engines

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