SlashNext Appoints Veteran Technology Sales Executive
Robert Amaral as

Appointment Will Accelerate SlashNext’s Growth and Its Mission to Protect the World’s Internet Users from Phishing without Compromise 

PLEASANTON, CA  December 3, 2020  SlashNext, the phishing authority and provider of real-time AI phishing defense services, today announced that technology sales executive Robert Amaral has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Amaral’s vast experience in consistently driving exceptional growth and financial performance supports SlashNext’s mission to accelerate growth and drive its channel and OEMfirst sales strategy. 

Amaral has over 20 years of sales leadership experience in network, security, systems management, and collaboration at top-tier companies, including LiveActionCliQr, ArcSight,, Marimba, Tivoli Systems, and Sun Microsystems. With a core focus on sales execution, relationship building, and management, Amaral has played a key role in driving four companies to IPO, as well as acquisitions valued at over $8 billion in shareholder value.  

“Robert has exceptional industry relationships and an impressive track record working with dynamic technology companies, having driven four IPOs in his career while maintaining a strong emphasis on partnerships and channel,” said Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext. “He will be a fantastic addition to our team as our business moves into its next phase of growth.” 

According to Gartner, 95% of all cyberattacks start with phishing. It is a global problem that’s accelerating rapidly in 2020, with most users working outside the corporate firewall. Over the last 30 days, 10% of company employees actively participated in a phishing attack, according to data compiled by SlashNext Threat Labs. What makes this problem more urgent is that 80% of newborn phishing attacks are getting through current Secure Email Gateway (SEG), endpoint, proxy, and network phishing detection, the company reported.     

SlashNext is the only company that provides zero-hour protection across all communication channels, including email, business collaboration platforms, SMS/iMessage,ads, social networking sites, and multi-player gaming platforms. Beyond conventional credential stealing schemesSlashNext also protects people from scarewarerogue softwarecommunication call-backsand social engineering schemes. 

As a successful sales start-up leader, Amaral immediately saw how SlashNext’s 2.0 AI Phishing Defense technology stops these phishing attacks from ever happening. This makes SlashNext well-positioned to lead the industry in solving one of the biggest problems impacting corporations today. 

For cybercriminals, phishing is almost a no-brainer:  it’s cheap and people are fallible.  It just takes one person to be tricked to compromise a company’s data and reputation. That SlashNext is exceptionally good at addressing this pervasive problem is the very reason I am so excited to join the company,” said Amaral. Businesses of all sizes can save millions of dollars for every attack they successfully blockam looking forward to growing the SlashNext business by developing mutually beneficial sales, business, and channel models that put this technology into the hands of every customer that needs it.  

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About SlashNext 

SlashNext is the phishing authority and leading the fight, together with its partners, to protect the world’s internet users from phishing anywhere. SlashNext end-to-end phishing protection services utilize patented SEER technology to detect zero-hour phishing threats by performing dynamic run-time analysis on billions of URLs a day through virtual browsers and machine learning. Take advantage of SlashNext’s services using mobile apps, browser extensions, and APIs that integrate with leading mobile endpoint management and IR tools. SlashNext is backed by Norwest Venture Partners and Wing Venture Capital and has customers around the world. 

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