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Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence

The Industry’s Broadest, Most Up-to-the-Minute Intelligence on Phishing Threats

Get Ahead of Zero-Hour Phishing Threats

With SlashNext Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence, security teams can better understand and protect their organizations from sophisticated, zero-hour phishing attacks. With tens of thousands of new phishing site detections per day, plus automated URL re-checking and retirement, SlashNext provides the broadest real-time phishing threat intelligence available.

Comprehensive Phishing Threat Coverage

Unlike other anti-phishing technologies and threat feeds, SlashNext covers all six major categories of phishing and social engineering threats.

Credential Stealing

Credential Stealing
Fake Login

Phishing Exploits

Phishing Exploits
Weaponized documents, etc.


Tech Support

Social Engineering Scams

Social Engineering Scams
Credit card and Bitcoin
fraud, money transfer
scams, fake deals, prizes, etc

Rogue Software

Rogue Software
Rogue apps, browser
extensions, fake AVs, etc

Phishing Callbacks (C2s)

Phishing Callbacks (C2s)
Data exfiltration,
C2 callbacks, etc.

Sophisticated, Fast-Moving Threats Are No Match for SEER™ Technology

SlashNext patent-pending SEER technology catches threats missed by other anti-phishing technologies. SEER stands for Session Emulation and Environment Reconnaissance. It uses virtual browsers in a purpose-built cloud to dynamically inspect sites using advanced computer vision, OCR, NLP, lexical analysis, and active site behavioral analysis. Together with proprietary machine learning algorithms, SEER enables SlashNext to detect even the most sophisticated phishing threats, including those hosted on compromised but reputable domains. And it does so with extreme accuracy and near-zero false positives.

SEER Technology

Why Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence is the Right Choice

Comprehensive Coverage
Covers all six types of phishing threats (not just fake log-in pages)

Real-Time Intelligence
Continuously updated list of zero-hour phishing URLs, domains, IPs with IOCs

Extreme Accuracy
Automated URL re-checking and retirement results in a dynamic list of active phishing threats with near-zero false positives

SEER™ Technology
Detects phishing sites that evade URL inspection and domain reputation analysis

Preemptive Detection
Global, proactive threat hunting provides advance visibility of threats

Web API access to threat data in multiple machine-readable formats

SEER Technology Provides the Most Comprehensive,
Accurate, Real-Time Phishing Threat Detection and Intelligence

 Real Time Threat Intelligence

API Access, Multiple Formats and Outputs
SlashNext Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence is accessible through a RESTful API in several formats, including JSON, CSV, or plaintext. API access enables organizations to pull down just domains, IPs, Wildcard URLs, and/or full URLs to suit their own specific needs.

Six Threat Intelligence Feeds: Credential Stealing, Phishing Exploits, Scareware, Social Engineering Scams, Rogue Software, Phishing Callbacks
Options:  Full URLs, Domains, IPs, Wildcard URLs
Formats: JSON, CSV, Plaintext

Incident Reporting Add-On

A cloud-based user warning page sinkhole service and admin incident notifications for organizations when they integrate the SlashNext Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence Feed into firewalls or DNS.

Incident Reporting - Warning Screen

Quarterly Threat Intelligence Report

Our quarterly threat intelligence report highlights the key threats and trends detected by our platform and analyzed by our security research team. Provides insights and actionable intelligence to help better understand and manage protections against the changing threat landscape.

Threat Intelligence Report