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Targeted Phishing Defense

Defend Against Spear Phishing Attacks Targeting Your Organization

Detect and Protect Against Targeted Attacks

Targeted Phishing Defense enables organizations to better defend against previously unknown and targeted attacks involving spear phishing and APTs. With Targeted Phishing Defense, organizations get a whole new level of protection from the growing number of more sophisticated, targeted phishing attacks, regardless of vector—email, pop-ups, ads, search, social media, IM, rogue apps, and more.

How Targeted Phishing Defense Works

How Targetted Phishing Works

SlashNext monitors Internet traffic with a Real-Time Page Scanning (RPS) appliance that connects to a SPAN port. The appliance selects traffic for further analysis and sends anonymized session header and meta info to the SlashNext threat detection cloud for real-time SEER™ analysis.

Suspicious pages are rendered with virtual browsers in the SlashNext threat detection cloud. SlashNext SEER™ technology (Session Emulation & Environment Reconnaissance) inspects the site using advanced computer vision, OCR, NLP, and active site behavior analysis.

SEER analysis features are fed into machine learning algorithms which deliver a single, accurate, definitive verdict: malicious or benign. There are no inconclusive risk scores and near-zero false positives.

Malicious URLs, domains, IPs, and IOC metadata are sent to the appliance and viewable in the local SlashNext console. They are also added to the global SlashNext Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence feed, which can be accessed via Web APIs for automated ingestion by security infrastructure.

Why Targeted Phishing Defense is the Right Choice

Works Across All Attack Vectors
Covers email, pop-ups, ads, search, social media, IM, rogue apps, and more

Extreme Accuracy
Real-Time definitive detection of targeted threats with near-zero false positives

SEER™ Technology
Detects sites that evade URL inspection and domain reputation analysis

Callbacks (C2s) Detection
Analyzes Internet-bound traffic to identify communications with malicious C2 servers

Faster Incident Response
The SlashNext management console provides detailed forensics, site screen capture, and IR info to speed remediation

Easy, Immediate and Private
20-minute install with no tuning delivers zero-latency, out-of-band, instant detection with no PII sent to our cloud



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