2.0 AI Phishing Defense

Protect your employees, brand, and data from the number one cause of corporate breaches — Phishing. 

Use the Power of AI to Stop Sophisticated 2.0 Phishing Threats

Move to 2.0 AI Phishing Defense

The only way to effectively stop the exponential rise in phishing attacks is to move beyond 1.0 phishing detection to the next generation, 2.0 phishing defense that takes full advantage of AI and machine-learning at cloud scale. SlashNext’s exclusive focus on 2.0 AI phishing defense allows us to deliver 99.07% accuracy, only 1 in 1 million false positives, and the broadest range of protection against attacks on email, SMS, social media, messaging, and collaboration platforms for the strongest phishing protection available.

The Broadest Phishing Protection for iOS and Android

Anywhere, Anytime Protection

Harness the power of SlashNext’s AI Phishing Defense in light-weight apps for protection against the broadest range of phishing threats across web, email, SMS, social, gaming, and collaboration services. As SMishing becomes the fastest growing threat to organizations, users will benefit from the only service with on-device machine learning to protect against SMS phishing, even without a link. Protection is immediate with fast and easy deployment through your choice of UEM and SSO integrations or an intuitive client management system.

Powerful Phishing Protection for Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux

Peace of Mind, Delivered.

Enjoy real-time phishing protection with extreme accuracy that protects users from malicious sites hours and days before any other phishing protection services. Go ahead, click, with the peace of mind SlashNext will detect and block sophisticated multi-stage attacks, including phishing hosted on legitimate infrastructure and compromised websites. Deploy the light-weight extensions in minutes with leading UEM solutions or use our elegant CMS for simple user provisioning and management.

Big Visibility is Why We Are the Phishing Authority

The SlashNext Advantage


Detect unknown threats with 99.07% accuracy and 1 in 1 million false positives 

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Phishing Protection

Users are protected regardless of phishing attack vector or device, inside and outside the perimeter

Protection without Compromise

Protection that respects user privacy and does not transmit sensitive personal data. 

Fast and Flexible Deployment

Deploy in minutes to take advantage of SlashNext AI Phishing Defense services using apps, extensions and APIs 

Apps, Extensions and APIs for All Phishing Needs

Endpoint Security

Reduce phishing exposure with always on 24×7 protection

Apps and Extensions

Mobile and Browser Phishing Protection

Brand Reputation

Protect your brand from phishing threats with OEM grade APIs

Real-Time Scan APIs

Scan thousands of URLs in seconds with the industry's largest and most accurate threat database

Security and IT Operations

Automated playbooks with accurate, run-time analysis of suspicious URLs on-demand.

Phishing IR and Threat Hunting

Automated playbooks with accurate, run-time analysis of suspicious URLs on-demand.

Threat Intelligence

Try our community version API for 500 scans a day

Real-Time Scan APIs

Bulk scan URLs in seconds with the industry's largest and most accurate threat database

Trusted By Our Customers

Centrify logo

“SlashNext is the first advanced threat security product that we have bought to actually find issues that our NextGen Firewall, Callback Attacks Prevention tools and Anti-virus all missed.”

Raun Nohavitza
VP Cloud Operations and IT, Centrify

Arista logo

"To successfully predict and protect users from phishing attacks, you must start with visibility. From day one SlashNext delivered, by immediately pointing out Android phones with games and other applications that were scanning our network, attempting to drop a payload using the device as a Trojan Horse. No other security product in our stack could see those threats.”

Sean Henry
IT Director

Trusted By Our Customers

Centrify logo

"SlashNext phishing protection solutions did not interfere with the productivity of students and faculty while protecting users with high accuracy, and low false-positive, plus the point of click education reinforced training."

Noe Arzate
IT Director

insurance company  logo

"SlashNext Browser Phishing Defense checks all the boxes that browser Isolation technology cannot."

Insurance Company

Trusted By Our Customers

Centrify logo

“SlashNext has sparked the interest of more customers than just about any other products we’ve seen in the last 3-5 years. They catch the threats that other solutions miss or never see."

Tim Adams
Director of Networking, Security, and IoT, IAS

Arista logo

“All of our systems produce a lot of reports, but finding important information is like finding a needle in a haystack. The nice thing about SlashNext is that it only shows me the needles.”


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