We Stop Human Hacking Across All Digital Channels

Stop spear phishing, social engineering, account takeover, BEC, ransomware, SMishing, and supply chain attacks, across all communication channels, including email, text, web, social, gaming, collaboration, and search apps.

What You Need to Know About the Latest Ransomware Attacks

News, insights, and trends on human hacking threats from our Threat Labs and in the wild.

Editor's Choice for
Anti-Phishing by Cyber Defense Magazine

SlashNext is the winner of the 2021 Cyber Defense Magazine Global InfoSec Awards, Editor’s Choice in Anti Phishing

Webinar | Browser is the New OS, Attackers are Open for Business

Live July 29 @ 10AM PT –

We’ll share critical strategies to protect against MitM, rogue apps, and attacks hiding on legitimate infrastructure.

Eliminate Human Hacking and Stop 95% of Breaches

Attacks require human interaction to succeed, and if you stop these attacks, you stop 95% of breaches. Without compromising user privacy or performance, SlashNext offers the industry’s fastest and most accurate human hacking defense to protect users across all digital communication channels.

Cyber Defense Magazine Anti-phishing Award

Editor’s Choice for Anti-Phishing

SlashNext winner of the 2021 Cyber Defense Magazine Global InfoSec Awards

Top 25 Cybersecurity company

TSR Report

Tech Trailblazer names SlashNext among Mobile Trailblazers in 2020

Tech Trailblazer Mobile

Mobile Trailblazer

Tech Trailblazer names SlashNext among Mobile Trailblazers in 2020

SlashNext 360° Defense-as-a-Service

Continuous, zero-hour Human Hacking Defense against targeted user attacks across all digital communication channels.  The service provides the ability to:

SlashNext's Breakthrough Results

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Greater spear phishing detection vs. top security vendors
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Faster average detection time vs. security vendors listed on VirusTotal
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Cloud and on-device detection rate with 1 in 1 million false positives
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threats detected daily

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SlashNext Privacy Guarantee

SlashNext does not collect or share personally identifiable information, including user browser history with security administrators.
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30% of Your Employees Clicked on a Phishing Attack This Month

FACT: 30% of phishing is still getting through current defenses. How is your organization doing?