Multi-Layer AI Phishing Defense

Stop phishing threats across mobile, web, SMS, social, collaboration and gaming services.

The SlashNext Difference

Patented AI phishing detection that protects users from phishing attacks hours and days before the competition. 

Real-Time, End-to-End Phishing Protection

SlashNext is the Phishing Authority

Phishing Protection Across All Communication Channels

Protect iOS and Android users from mobile-centric phishing threats with a lightweight, cloud-powered agent.


Shield employees from live phishing sites with cloud-powered browser extensions for all major desktop browsers.

Real-time threat intelligence to turn existing network security controls into a real-time, multi-vector phishing defense.

Improve productivity by automating analysis of suspicious URLs, IPs, host/domains for definitive verdicts and forensics evidence, at scale.

Uncover compromised user accounts and endpoints with real-time threat intelligence, on-demand analysis and forensics.

The SlashNext Advantage


Detect unknown threats with unmatched accuracy with mature machine learning algorithms, in a purpose built cloud that delivers binary verdicts with near-zero false positives (99.95%+ precision). 

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SlashNext protects users regardless of phishing attack vector or device, inside and outside the perimeter, and can turn network controls into an anti-phishing defense.

Protection without Compromise

Protection that respects user privacy and does not transmit sensitive personal data. Smart easy-to-use interface with simple deployment, and management. 

Fast and Flexible Deployment

Deploy in minutes to immediately take advantage of SlashNext cloud services using apps, extensions and APIs that integrate with leading mobile, endpoint management and IR tools. 

Trusted to Stop Phishing Threats

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“SlashNext is the first advanced threat security product that we have bought to actually find issues that our NextGen Firewall, Callback Attacks Prevention tools and Anti-virus all missed.”

Raun Nohavitza
VP Cloud Operations and IT, Centrify

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“SlashNext has found a way to counter and defeat phishing attacks. And given that phishing is so prolific, and also often successful, it’s a technology that is sorely needed in today’s dangerous threat landscape.”

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CSO Online

Trusted to Stop Phishing Threats

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“SlashNext has sparked the interest of more customers than just about any other products we’ve seen in the last 3-5 years. They catch the threats that other solutions miss or never see."

Tim Adams
Director of Networking, Security, and IoT, IAS

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“All of our systems produce a lot of reports, but finding important information is like finding a needle in a haystack. The nice thing about SlashNext is that it only shows me the needles.”


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