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It’s Time. For Real-Time Anti-Phishing Solutions.

Exceptional Accuracy. Instantly Available. Covers All Phishing Types.

Protect Employees from Phishing Sites

Today’s phishing and social engineering attacks move faster than ever. Most last only a few hours and attacks can reach employees anywhere they can access a link. SlashNext solutions enable security teams to better understand and protect their organizations against previously unknown zero-hour attacks.

Cloud-Powered, Real-Time Solutions

Better Detection = Better Protection

SEER Detection Cloud

Real Time Threat IntelligenceTargeted Phishing Defense

SlashNext Real Time Processing


Preemptive threat hunting, real-time phishing threat detection, and API access provides real-time intelligence for better protection against fast-moving, zero-hour attacks.

Definitive Phishing Threats


SlashNext SEER™ technology accurately detects all six types of phishing threats—with near-zero false positives. Automated URL re-checking and retirement keeps the focus on live threats.

Cloud Powered Phishing Software


SlashNext detection is out-of-band and cloud-powered, so it doesn’t introduce any latency to your network. And with no PII sent to our cloud, your data remains safe.

Immediate Phishing Protection


Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence is “blocking-ready” for instant protection, and Targeted Phishing Defense has a 20 minute install and no tuning required.



Real Time Phishing Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence for new types of phishing threats is essential for defending against unknown zero-hour threats. Watch a 30-minute on-demand webinar to see benefits and use cases.

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Phishing in the Dark


Phishing in the Dark

When it comes to social engineering attacks, cyber anglers are using a greater variety of phishing tactics to lure and hook their prey.

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SlashNext Analyst Report


Addressing the Top 10 Security Issues

Even with a multi-layer cybersecurity approach, 78% of organization have at least one incident a year. This whitepaper explores the top cybersecurity concerns facing organizations.

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Phishing Report White Paper


Defending Against Zero-Hour Social Engineering Threats with Modern Threat Intelligence

The introduction of next-gen antivirus technologies are making it harder for bad actors to deliver malware successfully, so they have become more sophisticated in delivering phishing and social engineering attacks.

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The Landscape Has Changed. Again.

Atif Mushtaq, SlashNext CEO, sits down with John Furrier for a CUBE Conversation on the changing tactics of cybercriminals. With companies using more sophisticated security defenses such as SEGs, SWGs, NextGen AV and advanced endpoint security, hackers are going after the human attack surface with socially engineered attacks that evade existing defenses by design.