Protect Your Brand and Reputation with
Real-Time Phishing Defense APIs

Designed to protect the brand and reputation of Internet, messaging, hosting and cloud services from the exponential growth of phishing attacks worldwide.

Real-Time Phishing Detection Built for Speed and Accuracy

Cybercriminals are going after your security defense with new types of tactics leveraging automation and AI. The only way to effectively stop these phishing attacks, data loss, and network infiltration is to deploy a phishing defense service that takes full advantage of AI, machine-learning at cloud scale.

Real-Time Phishing Defense APIs Available in Three Levels of Service

Real-Time Phishing Lookup API

Lookup URLs in milliseconds to block zero-hour phishing URLs at speed and scale, using billions of URL lookups per day/tenant. 

Phishing Scan API

Real-time intelligence lookup plus dynamic scanning with hundreds of millions of URL lookups per day/tenant blocks spear phishing and targeted phishing attacks. 

Real-Time Phishing Forensics

Rich forensic data including screenshots, threat status, URLs, HTML and text downloads enable users to carefully plan a strategy to remediate sites or takedown threat sources. 

SlashNext Leads the Industry with the Greatest Speed at Internet Scale

Fast and Highly Scalable

Cloud-based sync API, developed on top of big data architecture.

Fast real-time API response enable you to use it for inline blocking.  Supports billions of URL lookups and scales easily to support your business growth.

Highly Accurate and Zero-hour

Unprecedented accuracy and zero-hour protection with 99.07% detection rate and 1 in 1M FP rate using virtual browsers in a to accurately detect phishing sites, even those hosted on compromised websites and legitimate hosting infrastructure.

Comprehensive Coverage

Protection beyond credential stealing attacks, blocks all 5 phishing threat types: Social Engineering Scams, Scareware, Rogue Software Apps & Extensions, and Communication Callbacks

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Smart and Proactive

Block evasive threats with Smart Blocking & Host Lookup to block shortened URLs and redirectors that lead to phishing pages. Proactively return phishing URLs SlashNext discovered on the same host.

SEER™ Technology

The  world’s largest, real-time phishing intelligence database leveraging dynamic scanning using virtual browsers and machine learning.

Flexible Deployment

Unified APIs provides flexibility with inline blocking, out of band scanning, and rich forensic data. Easy to integrate, secure REST APIs, which can be deploy to any platform, products or workflow.

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Real-Time Phishing Forensics APIs

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