On-Device Machine Learning Technology

The world’s first on-device AI mobile phishing defense for iOS and Android with natural language machine learning stops spear phishing where the URL is absent.

The World's First On-Device ML

On-device AI phishing defense with natural language and link-based detection to protect users from mobile-based smishing and browser-based spear phishing and BEC.

  • Unparalleled protection by augmenting on-device national language processing machine learning with on-device AI phishing detection
  • Extends URL-based Smishing protection to cover​ URL-less/”BEC-Smishing” attacks, including: call number, send email, and other call to actions
  • Stops spear phishing where the URL is absent from SNX AI phishing detection database​​

The SlashNext Advantage is Your Advantage


Global, proactive threat hunting provides advance visibility, detection, and protection from emerging threats


Real-time, automated detection provides more effective protection from zero-hour threats

Extreme Accuracy

Near-zero false positives results in immediately actionable, block-ready threat intelligence

Overcomes Evasion Tactics

Detects threats missed by URL inspection and domain reputation analysis methods

Multi-Vector, Multi-Payload

Covers more types of phishing and social engineering payloads across all phishing attack vectors, not just email

Deployment Flexibility

Deploy to mobile, endpoints, and existing tools and infrastructure

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