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Partners, providing managed services, can save hundreds of hours by automating their anti-phishing solutions. Without the worry of false negatives, our precision and speed dramatically reduce effort, which translates into increased productivity and higher-margins.


Purpose-built, anti-phishing solutions with unparalleled phishing efficacy are easily integrated and can be sold to organizations across all segments providing flexible ways to deploy and activate.

Powered by SEER™ Technology  

Patented behavioral phishing detection technology, offers an extensive collection of APIs and tools for partners to detect and respond to multi-vector, multi-payload threats. Mature machine learning algorithms enable definitive, binary verdicts with greater precision.

Experience and Innovation

SlashNext’s team of highly experienced cybersecurity professionals innovate award-winning threat detection solutions with easy to deploy options for a variety of uses on-demand across endpoints, mobile devices, and network controls.

The Most Efficient Ways to Identify and
Respond to Threats, while Maximizing Profitability

Dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with researching suspicious URLs.

Protect users from zero-hour threats with 99.07% accuracy.

Preemptive detection and real-time protection from live phishing and social engineering threats, regardless of the attack vector or payload used.

Deploy to mobile, endpoints, and IT infrastructure via integrations with leading UEM, TIP, SIEM, SOAR, and network security technologies.

Protects users regardless of phishing attack vector or device, inside and outside the perimeter

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Microsoft partners with SlashNext

Watch this demo to see how to automate phishing detection and remediation to detect and remove suspicious phishing messages from multiple MS365 mailboxes. Learn more.

Prevent Phishing for Microsoft Office 365

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