SlashNext Browser Protection

Protect users from the broadest range of zero-hour phishing sites with cloud-powered browser protection that is better than browser isolation. Available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and more.

Web Browser Protection

The Broadest Range of Zero-Hour Phishing Attacks Happen in the Browser

of all breaches start with a human element

Multi-layer Enterprise Defenses

Powerful Multi-Vector Protection​

SlashNext protects Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux users from phishing and rogue browser extensions regardless of which attack vector is used—email, ads, social media, search, collaboration platforms, and more.

By blocking phishing sites in real-time, SlashNext protects users from more phishing threats including those that evade multi-layer enterprise defenses.

Sophisticated Phishing Across All Channels

SlashNext threat sourcing ensures browser users are protected from the widest range of phishing and social engineering payloads beyond credential stealing, including social engineering scams, shareware, rogue software, communication callbacks.

Phishing Across All Channels
Network-based Defenses

Built to Handle Encryption Challenges

TLS 1.3 and DNS over HTTPS (DoH) will soon become Internet standards. While encryption is good for user privacy, it also means network-based defenses that rely on man-in-the middle and DNS interception will be unable to stop web attacks. SlashNext Browser Phishing Protection operates within browser memory and blocks URLs pre-encryption.

Available for All Major Browsers

Deployed as a lightweight browser extension, SlashNext Browser Phishing Protection is available for all major browsers: Chrome, Edge, FireFox, and Safari. As a browser extension, it works across all endpoint types, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux. SlashNext also offers native Mobile Phishing Protection for iOS and Android devices.

Enterprise User Experience

Enterprise User Experience

State-of-the-art protection is just the start. SlashNext also provides an enterprise-grade user experience, including:

SlashNext Endpoint
Management System

Security administrators can easily manage groups, policies, users, and licenses. Advanced reporting and analytics features include filters to view data by threats, endpoints, and users for a full view across the enterprise—Drill-down into high-risk users, timelines, and detailed forensics information. Automate daily or weekly reporting, including incidents and executive summaries. Available in three form factors: CMS Web Portal, native SIEM dashboards and data consumption via Web APIs.

Endpoint Management System
Leading SSO Solutions

Multiple Deployment Options

SlashNext Browser Phishing Protection is easily deployed and managed via leading UEM solutions. It also integrates with leading SSO solutions for simpler user provisioning and management.

How It Works

SlashNext Browser Protection comes in the form of cloud-powered browser extensions available for all major desktop browsers. No network traffic or personally identifiable information leaves the browser, so PII and user privacy remain safe.

Cloud-powered Browser Extensions

Featured Customer Story

C&S Companies

Eric Quinn, CIO at C&S Companies, a national planning, design and construction firm talks about zero-hour threats, spear phishing, and multi-channel phishing attacks getting through to users.

“Hackers are getting better at this every day, so we have to get better as well. We can continue to educate, but the statistics, still show that even the best educated companies out there still have about a 4% failure rate of people clicking on stuff. With spear phishing hackers are directing their attacks at the company, and we need to have every layer of security between our users and the bad guys that we can. SlashNext is the most serious layer of defense against these attacks.”

Stop The Email Attacks That Impact Your Business

Credential Stealing

The act of attaining passwords with the intent of accessing protected data.

Spear Phishing

Targeted attack to gain access to an individual’s account or impersonate a specific individual

Bank Fraud

Social engineering tactics to obtain money, assets or other property held by an organization.

Social Engineering

Using deception to manipulate users into divulging confidential information for fraudulent use.

BEC, ATO and Supply Chain Attacks

Targets executives or financial teams to defraud a company for financial gain.

Trusted Services Compromise

Commonly used to launch phishing attacks or hack other trusted domains.

Rogueware and
HTML Attachments

Smishing and Business Text Compromise

Using text messages to trick users into divulging passwords or other PII for fraudulent use.

The SlashNext Multi-Channel Platform Advantage

Zero-Hour AI Detection & Extreme Accuracy

99.9% detection rate and 1 in 1 million false positives


Covers the most phishing and social engineering payloads across all channels

Great User Experience & Guaranteed Privacy

Fast real-time protection with no latency with no personal data transmitted

Fast ROI &
Time to Value

Deploy in minutes with automated updates

Secure Internet Browsers

Cloud and In-Channel Detection for Extremely Accurate Protection

SlashNext’s AI technology provides real-time detection with extreme accuracy that detects malicious site hours and sometimes days before the competition. Watch the video to see it in action against VirusTotal.

Close the Gaps with SlashNext Complete™

Multi-channel phishing protection platform for users across email, web, mobile and API. Stop 65% more spear phishing, legitimate service compromise, BEC, rouguewqre, SMiShing, social engineering and other human compromise attacks in Microsoft 365, Teams, Zoom, Box, SMS, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and other messaging channels.

Multi-channel User Protection
Email Protection for Microsoft 365
Stop 65% more threats than all other anti-phishing services
SlashNext Browser Protection
Protecting all professional and personal communication channels
SlashNext Mobile Protection
Protecting all professional and personal communication channels
Real-Time Protection APIs
Automate abuse inbox management, brand protection and incident response

Experience SlashNext Protection in Action

Request a free trial to see how SlashNext detects zero-hour threats in real-time and stop the attacks that impact your business.

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