Real-Time Phishing Forensics
FREE Community Edition API

Real-Time Phishing Forensics Community Edition gives incident response teams and security professionals access to 50 API request a day of  our scalable, cloud-based analysis engine purpose-built for analyzing phishing URLs using virtual browsers and patented SEER™ threat detection technology.  The forensics include a definitive verdict plus screenshots, HTML, and rendered text combined with reporting artifacts.


API Highlights:

  • Run-time analysis of suspicious URLs
  • Single verdict “malicious” or “benign”
  • Download phishing forensics like webpage screenshots, HTML and text.
  • Host lookup into SlashNext Phishing Intelligence Database
  • Host and URL Reports
  • Daily API Request Limit 50/day


Community vs. Enterprise Tiers


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Per month


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30% of Your Employees Clicked on a Phishing Attack This Month

FACT: 30% of phishing is still getting through current defenses. How is your organization doing?