SlashNext 360° Defense-as-a-Service

Continuous, zero-hour Human Hacking Defense against targeted user attacks across all digital communication channels.  The service provides the ability to ASSESS threats in email and weblogs, PROTECT mobile and browser endpoints, RESPOND to critical threats, and TRAIN users to avoid live attacks.


A simple way to see what is evading current defenses with SlashNext Phishing Vulnerability Assessment for Microsoft 365 and Weblogs


24×7 AI endpoint, mobile, and cloud API protection across all attack vectors and communication channels. Protect users with SlashNext Mobile and Browser Protection



Respond and remediate with SlashNext Incident Response and playbooks through integrations to SIEMs, SOARS, TIPs with 


Live, reinforced training at the time of attempted participation with SlashNext Live Trainer

Complete and Continuous, Zero-Hour Coverage

Mobile Phishing Protection

Protect iOS and Android users from mobile-centric phishing threats with a lightweight, cloud-powered agent.

Browser Phishing Protection

Shield employees from live phishing sites with cloud-powered browser extensions for all major desktop browsers.

Phishing Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

A simple way to see what is evading your current email defenses.

Incident Response and Threat Hunting

Automate abuse mailbox management with accurate, run-time analysis of suspicious URLs on-demand.

Live On-Click Training

On-device and app training at time of click reinforces training

SlashNext Stops Human Hacking Across All Digital Channels

Best Detection
and Accuracy

99% detection rate and 1 in 1 million false positives.

Guaranteed User Privacy

No personal data transmitted.

On Device Performance

Fast real-time protection with no latency.

Zero-Touch, Immediate Value

Deploy in minutes. Automated updates.

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