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30% of corporate employees clicked on phishing in the last 30 days. Take the free phishing risk assessment to see the employees that have been successfully phished in your organization. 

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See the phishing attacks that are getting through your current defense. Discover why 98% of the people who try SlashNext AI Phishing Defense move to our approach. Completing the free risk assessment:

  • Takes only 2 minutes to initiate the risk assessment
  • Available for MS365 using OAuth 2.0 to authorize the scan of MS365 inboxes
  • Quantifies the number of malicious emails in users inboxes
  • Identifies high-risk users and easily deploys protection to target users
  • Receive a personalized risk assessment report
  • Meet with a security expert to review the results 

Free Phishing Risk Assessment

The Top Phishing Threats Getting Through Current Defenses

Phishing attacks found in recent risk assessments clicked on by business users could lead to $2.4M in costs and damages.


70% of phishing attacks lead to account takeovers. Popular types of credential stealing are spoofed pages for brands like Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox.

Rogue Browser Extension

Rogue browser extensions can permit malware onto an employee’s system for data exfiltration up to $2.4M in costs and damages. 


These scams creates excitement for a reward to then harvest personal or business credentials.

Flash Player

Can permit ransomware onto his or her system holding data ransom $5K per user.

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