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Incident Reporting

Integrate cloud-based warning page sinkhole service and incident notification to SlashNext Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence

Incident Reporting Add-On

Incident Reporting Add-On works with SlashNext’s Real-Time Phishing Threat Intelligence when integrated with your organization’s infrastructure for blocking. This cloud-based service provides a sinkhole that serves up warning pages for users as well as alerts and daily reports for security administrators.

Warning Page for Users

The warning page notifies employees that they have been blocked from accessing an unsafe website. It also enables them to link to a safe view of the blocked site, learn more information about the threat, and open a support case if needed.

Safe Preview of Malicious Site

Safe preview allows users to safely view the blocked phishing site they were trying to visit.

Self-Serve User Reporting

Self-serve user reporting allows employees to open a support case with their Admin.

Threat Info for Users

The learn more page offers more information about the blocked threats including the threat name, URL and threat details.

Incident Notifications

Incident notifications alert security administrators when an employee encounters a threat. These notifications include a safe preview of the malicious webpage that can serve as an educational tool to raise awareness of social engineering attacks that employees encounter.

Daily Reports

A daily report is sent to security administrators with a detailed breakdown of the day’s threats and a view of the top phishing websites blocked. Due to the dynamic and elusive nature of phishing, incident notifications and daily reports can prepare both administrators and users with the practical information and tools they need to stay ahead of the risks.