Phish Stories

A Webinar Series About The Latest Phishing Attacks Challenging Businesses Today

Episode Five: The Security and Privacy Conundrum in a BYOD World

Hackers are active in all communication channels weaponizing cloud and social tools and taking advantage of the fact that humans are the weakest link of the security process. With 67% of enterprises offering BYOD policies keeping the workforce secure while maintaining user privacy is essential for a successful security posture.

Episode Four: Breaking the MFA Myth

How hackers are bypassing MFA with astonishing accuracy in Episode Four of Phish Stories.


Hackers are abusing the trust in authenticated services that many organizations rely on heavily for protection. Understanding and preparing for how these silent but dangerous attacks are hacking into human vulnerabilities are imperative for protecting your organization.

Episode Three: New Threats Menacing Microsoft 365 Users Today

More than one million companies use Microsoft 365, and many of those companies are leaders in the finance, pharmaceutical, energy, and technology fields. With critical data to protect, these companies are ripe targets for the evolving second generation of phishing attacks. SlashNext Threat Labs are tracking over 1,000 active zero-hour spear-phishing attacks targeting Microsoft 365 in the last 60 days.

Episode Two: Zero-Hour Attacks Hacking Humans Today

With the new remote workforce, security teams face new challenges with protecting employees whose personal and professional lives have merged onto the same devices. At the same time cybercriminals are using automation and AI with incredible success. We’ll explore real life examples  including:

  • Latest spear-phishing attacks, including those targeted at Office 365 users
  • Trends in mobile and browser phishing attacks
  • Recommendations and resources for protecting your workforce from fast-evolving phishing attacks
Phish Stories Episode Two

Episode One: The State of Phishing

Phishing attacks are moving faster than defenses. With
millions of dollars at stake, bolstering phishing protection is imperative for all businesses in 2021.
We’ll Explore Real Case Examples During the First Episode of Phish Stories, Including:
  • Latest spear-phishing attacks on legitimate infrastructure
  • Why Automation and AI are improving phishing success
  • Why stopping phishing is imperative for all businesses in 2021
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30% of Your Employees Clicked on a Phishing Attack This Month

FACT: 30% of phishing is still getting through current defenses. How is your organization doing?