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Webinar | Real Time Phishing Threat Intelligence

Threat actors are going after the human attack surface with new kinds of phishing and social engineering techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs). While credential stealing remains popular, new types of phishing and direct-to-browser attack vectors are evading existing multi-level security controls. Threat intelligence that covers new types of phishing threats is essential for understanding and defending against previously unknown zero-hour threats.

During this 30-minute webinar you’ll learn about:

  • TTPs for the new generation of evasive phishing threats
  • What existing phishing threat intelligence feeds are missing
  • Benefits and use cases for real-time phishing threat intelligence

Hear from security expert Atif Mushtaq (founder and CEO of SlashNext) and Jan Liband, SlashNext CMO, to learn how your IT security operations can benefit from real-time phishing threat intelligence.

Understanding and Defending against a new generation of evasive phishing threats