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2018 Phishing Survey

Growing Gaps in Protections Against Short-Lived, Yet Dangerous Phishing Threats on the Web

The SlashNext 2018 Phishing Survey reveals a dangerous lack of understanding and gaps in protection against modern, fast-moving phishing attacks. The survey of cybersecurity decision-makers showed that most companies lack adequate safeguards against phishing threats on the web and many don’t fully understand the prevalence and risks of this growing threat. As such, most organizations are left in the dark when it comes to understanding their exposure to modern phishing tactics and in evaluating what solutions are needed to keep employees protected and to reduce the risk of breaches.

Get key survey results, including:

  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents cite shortfalls in employee awareness and training as their top concern for protecting workers against social engineering and phishing threats
  • Nearly half of respondents experience 50 or more phishing attacks per month
  • Four out of ten are concerned their current defenses are not reliably detect phishing attacks

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