SlashNext for Splunk

Fully automated and accurate on-demand analysis using Splunk Phantom

Automating Phishing Incident Response

With Splunk Phantom’s automation features and definitive phishing URL analysis from SlashNext, SOC and IR teams can save huge amounts of time and resources, all while improving phishing IR response times and security.  

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Abuse Inbox Management and Phishing IR

SlashNext can work together with Splunk Phantom SOAR platform to provide automated phishing incident response. See how to install the pre-built integration app, retrieve detailed forensics, including screenshots, HTML, and rendered text, and use automated phishing URL analysis as part of the playbook for abuse inbox management.

Phishing IR Integration Guide

The Splunk Phantom SOAR platform can access SlashNext API to get accurate verdicts and rich IoC data, including screen shots, to expedite phishing IR and threat hunting playbooks. 

Additional Resources

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Real-Time Phishing Forensics APIs

Get 50 scans a day for free to harness the power of real-time AI for the protection you need to hunt sophisticated phishing threats.

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