SlashNext for Google Workspace

SlashNext provides the industry's most accurate spear phishing protection for Google Workspace

Detect and Remove Targeted Spear Phishing that Evade your Google Workspace Email Security

Comprehensive Coverage

Detect and remove targeted spear phishing, social engineering, rogueware, scams, bank fraud and data exploit threats that easily evade Google Workspace email security defenses.

No PII or
Privacy Risks

No network traffic or personally identifiable information leaves the device, so PII and user privacy remain safe.


Virtual browsers and machine learning detect and block unknown threats with three times greater accuracy vs. the top security vendors for unparalleled protection from advanced threats targeting users.


Deploy in minutes – Using Gmail API to manage and deploy our endpoint solutions.

SlashNext + Google Workspace Together

3x More Protection from Spear Phishing, Social Engineering and Account Takeovers

Shield employees from live phishing sites by supplementing Google Workspace with SlashNext Email Detection and Response for detection with 99.9% accuracy. 

SlashNext vs. Google’s Advanced Phishing Protection for Google Workspace

See SlashNext in Action

SlashNext Email Detection and Response 14 Day Free Trial

Do you want to know how many phishing emails are missed by your email security services and your high-risk users?

With your free trial analyzes user inboxes to identify phishing emails missed by your company’s email security services.

Get Started Immediately
  • Takes only 2 minutes to initiate the phishing risk assessment.
  • Safely and securely, connect to Gmail API  to authorize the scan of user inboxes.
  • Quantifies the number of phishing emails sitting in user inboxes.
  • Identifies high-risk users and easily deploys protection to target users.
  • Remove phishing emails from users inboxes

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