SEER™ Threat Detection Technology

Patented behavioral phishing detection and machine learning to detect unknown threats with unmatched accuracy.

Detect More Evasive Threats

SlashNext’s patented SEER™ technology brings cloud-scale resources to real-time, multi-vector, multi-payload phishing threat detection. The SEER approach sees through more evasion tactics and detects previously unknown, zero-hour threats missed by URL inspection and domain reputation analysis methods.

SEER technology addresses:

  • Phishing and social engineering payloads beyond fake login pages
  • Shortened links
  • Multiple URL redirects / forwards
  • Other types of URL obfuscation
  • Multi-stage attacks requiring user interaction, even captchas
  • Use of compromised websites and legitimate hosting infrastructure

The SlashNext Advantage is Your Advantage


Global, proactive threat hunting provides advance visibility, detection, and protection from emerging threats


Real-time, automated detection provides more effective protection from zero-hour threats

Extreme Accuracy

Near-zero false positives results in immediately actionable, block-ready threat intelligence

Overcomes Evasion Tactics

Detects threats missed by URL inspection and domain reputation analysis methods

Multi-Vector, Multi-Payload

Covers more types of phishing and social engineering payloads across all phishing attack vectors, not just email

Deployment Flexibility

Deploy to mobile, endpoints, and existing tools and infrastructure

SEER Power

SEER (Session Emulation and Environment Reconnaissance) uses a unique combination of techniques to see through evasion tactics and accurately detect phishing pages, even those on compromised websites and legitimate infrastructure. A broad intelligence gathering network and more powerful detection technology result in over 10K new detections daily, with thousands not available anywhere else.

Global, Multi-Vector Threat Sourcing

SlashNext SEER™ technology leverages a global, multi-vector threat intelligence network to proactively source suspicious URLs. This network includes:

Extreme Accuracy

Patented SEER technology uses virtual browsers in a purpose-built cloud to perform dynamic, run-time analysis of suspicious web pages. Together with mature machine learning algorithms, SEER delivers binary verdicts—not threat scores—with 99.07% precision. This uniquely effective approach uses:

Deployment Flexibility

SlashNext SEER technology powers all SlashNext anti-phishing products, providing a new layer of real-time, multi-vector, multi-payload phishing protection across mobile devices, desktops, and network controls.


Integrations with leading TIP, SIEM, SOAR, DNS, NGFW, and MDM/EMM products enable rapid integration and deployment with existing tools and infrastructure. SlashNext technology can also be accessed on-demand for large-scale, automated phishing URL analysis, phishing IR, and threat hunting.  

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